Born and raised in the favelas in São Paulo - Brazil, Lídia is one of a family of seven kids, not growing up with many resources, she relied on her faith and the studies to fight for a better life. Lídia had  her first job when she was fourteen, but even before that her entrepreneur attitude  made her start selling denim pants re-done into skirts and bags, pieces she made when she learned how to sew with her Grandma, with the money she used to buy packs of candies, reprice and sell it in the school, she was only nine. She graduated in  Business through a government help.


Passionate about music in a young age, she started writing songs and singing in her local church since she was thirteen, she also expanded to performing in private and public events. It was easy to see her getting people together to watch her performing. 


The switch happened in her life when she decided she really had to learn to speak english, after planning for a year, she moved to the United States by herself and dove into its culture, living with American families and taking care of their kids. She did learn english, but through everything she experienced she mainly learned about God, self love, confidence and kindness, and that's where her inspiration comes from.